Volunteer Spotlight: Melanie Howell, Financial Futures Coach

Meet Melanie Howell, a volunteer coach with our Financial Futures program. Melanie, Director of Marketing & Social Connection at First Citizen’s Federal Credit Union,  first learned about the program and the need for volunteer coaches sheFinancial Futures recognized the opportunity as one where she could have a direct impact on another person. Not only did she sign up to volunteer right away but also recruited some of her colleagues. While you don’t need to have a financial background to be a coach, Melanie’s work in a bank has shown her how important it is for women to understand finances and develop strong money management skills. “Knowing that any of my advice and just being there for her along her journey was helping her, that was fulfilling for me," said Melanie.

Melanie, pictured here with Shanelle, her mentee in the program, says of her experience, “…doing this and meeting one on one with someone from your own community, there’s nothing like that.” Melanie would encourage others to look into it and get involved. “…just try it out. Do it, you’ll love it. You absolutely won’t regret signing up for it.” And she says, “I met a friend; that was probably the best part of it all.”

Financial Futures coaches go through the 12 week program with their mentee then connect with them in between sessions in any way that works for them. 

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