Holiday Wishes

Since 2015, United Way of Greater New Bedford and Fun 107 have partnered together to support families through Holiday Wishes. Through Holiday Wishes, we strive to assist families and individuals who have fallen on hard times due to loss of job, death or severe medical conditions of spouse or child, unanticipated bills that arise due to natural/unplanned disasters, etc. The ideal nominee is someone who is active in the Greater New Bedford area, needs assistance beyond the services provided by traditional health and human service agencies, has realistic and obtainable needs, and is often reluctant to ask for help even in dire situations.

In past years, we’ve worked with families who have:

  • A child with a rare genetic disorder in need of specialty medical equipment and therapy
  • Fled a domestic violence situation and need to furnish an a apartment
  • A pipe burst leading to sewage flooding their basement making the house unlivable until cleaned
  • The need for a new fridge to keep insulin cold for a grandmother raising her granddaughter with diabetes

How to Apply

We are no longer accepting nominations for 2023.

Who is eligible?

To be considered for Holidays Wishes, families/individuals must meet the following criteria and all pieces of the application must be submitted or application will be marked incomplete:

  • Families/individuals must be willing to be photographed, video recorded and/or have their name stated on-air. (Anonymous nominations will be considered in the case of domestic violence and other sensitive situations.)
  • Nominees must live in Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Fall River, Freetown, Marion, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Rochester, Wareham, or Westport.
  • All nominations must be submitted with at least 2 references. Only 1 of those letters may be from a family member and must be a minimum of 200 words.
  • Nominees must exhibit a need that cannot be filled with traditional services provided by health and human service agencies and have an obtainable need that can be filled by Holiday Wishes.
  • Nominations that demonstrate the family's community involvement may strengthen their chances of being selected.

How are families chosen?

Families/Individuals that are nominated by the designated date will have their nominations  reviewed by a committee in November. 10 Families/individuals will be selected to have an in-person/zoom interview, 5 families/individuals will be selected to be featured during Holiday Wishes on Fun 107 and 1 will be selected to be featured as the Mini Miracle on WBSM. United Way will contact selected nominees.

Please do not reach out to Fun 107 or WBSM, all questions should be directed to United Way of Greater New Bedford – 508-994-9625 or

Click here to learn about our 2023 families.

Our Impact

With your donations since 2015, we've been able to provide selected families with:

  • 7 pieces of specialty adaptive equipment for children
  • 77 months of rent and mortgage payments
  • 48 utility bills
  • 12 months of specialized medical therapy
  • 25 night of nurses
  • 5 months of medical supplies
  • 28 appliances and pieces of furniture
  • 9 home improvement projects (ramps, demolition, etc)
  • 39 auto related expenses (car insurance bills, purchase of vehicles, repairs, etc.)
  • nights in hotels for families impacted by natural disasters

Local donors have also donated items for families including:

  • A prosthesis
  • Ramps
  • Medical Equipment
  • Furniture

In total, as a community, we've raised nearly $290,000 through Holiday Wishes!


Contact Victoria Grasela at or 508-994-9625 ext. 210.