Mini Miracle 2023

Mini Miracle Photo


The Lima Family came to the US from Cape Verde several years ago and upon arrival, Celsia found out she was pregnant with a son. Derrek, now 5, was born with HADDS – an extremely rare disease which requires round the clock care. Derrek is non-verbal, cannot walk, and is legally blind. The National Library of Medicine reports that on 42 individuals have been reported to have HADDS.

Derrek’s sister, Celiane, is a bright young woman with ambitions of becoming a doctor to help children like herself and her brother. Celiane, 17, suffers from Keratoconus of both eyes. This causes constant blurred vision and light sensitivity. She has trouble walking without assistance. She has been to Tufts for treatment and was fitted for a Scleral Lens that will correct her vision. These lenses are not covered by their insurance and can range upwards of $4,000.

Mom, Celsia, is overwhelmed by the medical needs of her children and does everything she can to support both of them.

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